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Terms Of Use of Web Hosting

Domain Registration: • Domain Registration once done, cannot be changed / reverted. There is no money back guaranty. VTECHOST is not responsible in case of any domain cancellation by registry due to fake contact details. Shared Hosting: • Resource seeking websites / scripts are not allowed on shared hosting. Server resources include CPU / RAM. FFMpeg Hosting: • FFMpeg Hosting comes with unlimited monthly bandwidth but resources are shared therefore resource seeking websites / scripts are not allowed. Unlimited Hosting: • The maximum quota usage of unlimited hosting package is 15 GB, however there is no limit of bandwidth. CPU intensive file or webpages are not permitted. FFMPeg, Audio / Video or downloadable files are not allowed on unlimited hosting. Dedicated Hosting /VPS / Dedicated Server: • In dedicated hosting all resources, quota & bandwidth are dedicated which are informed in particular package. General: • Downloadable file in any format if more than 5 MB are not allowed on shared hosting.
• Any illegal content is not allowed on our web server and we will immediately suspend if we found any such material.
• Spamming / Bulk mailing is strictly not allowed if IP get black listed due to any customers spamming, customer will pay the charges.
• Offsite backups are done weekly. There is no charge for backups. But customer will pay Rs.1,000/- if he / she want s bank restoration. Only last backup will be available and VTECHOST is not responsible if backup corrupts or in case of any data loss.
• Domain and Hosting will be terminated automatically after one month of expiry therefore customers are advised to renew their services within one month of expiry.
• There is no refund or money back policy.
• Bad manner with any of our staff will lead to service cancellation.
• We are not responsible in any manner for any kind of loss due to our services.
• VTECHOST reserve the right to change / modify any price, package or above TOS without any notification.